Haluk Semiz MEC

Cheif Executive Officer

Haluk Semiz has started to work in travel industry while in the University of Istanbul studying to obtain a degree in Business Management. He became the CEO of Miltur, one of the biggest travel businesses in Turkey in 1980 at the age of 26. He subsequently started Tursem, a travel business which dealt with incoming tourism to Turkey in early 80s. Tursem subsequently bought a Finnish Tour Operator, Kymppi Matkat and expanded to have operations in the rest of the Nordic countries and UK and Germany operating to Turkey, Greece, Egypt, Canary Islands, Spain, Thailand and Kenya.

He started Golfeen and Nordcotours in Sweden as tour operators during the second decade of 2000s and expanded to Denmark. He has been the Chief Executive Officer of Detur Group since 2020, a product of the merger of Detur Companies and Golfeen and Nordcotours.


Izzet Tahir EDIGE

Izzet Tahir Edige MEC

Izzet Edige has acquired a BSc degree in Electronics Engineering and started working in the newspaper publishing industry. He has been involved in newspaper publişhing industry related businesses from printing plants to software development for the industry over the years. He has been an executive in Tursem, which became a major Tour Opeartor in the 90s. Currently he is serving as a non-executive Director of Reslan Invest, holding company for Golfeen, Nordcotours and Detur as well as a Member of the Executive Committee of Detur Group.


Engin Gulmez MEC

Chief Administrative Officer

Engin Gülmez has worked in various roles in travel companies both in Turkey and Sweden. Graduating from Istanbul University with a degree in Journalism and Public Relations, Engin started his career in travel business as a tour guide.

He has worked as senior manager in various companies including Tursem Turizm, Express Resor, Tursem AB, Sunways Airlines AB and others. Before joining Norden Travel Services AB in 2011 Engin was the Managing Director of Turkiet Resor. He is the Chief Administration Officer of the Detur Group and a Member of the Executive Committee


Murat Bektas MEC

Chief Technology Officer

Murat Bektaş graduated from Boğaziçi University, Department of Computer Engineering in 1990.

He started business life as a software developer during his university years and continued as technology expert and manager in Food and Media sectors.

In 2002, he became a partner in a software company that produced technology solutions for internet, media and various other industry sectors. During the period, he made significant contributions to technology application and digitization processes of many organizations.

He joined Vinet, a company that develops technology for travel businesses, as a partner in 2007. He has also been CTO for NTS from its inception and currently fulfils the role of Chief Technology Officer of Detur Group. He is also a Member of the Executive Committee of the Group.


Asli Kutlu MEC

Business Director

Aslı Kutlu graduated from Gazi University with a degree in Econometrics. She started her working life as a Sales Consultant during her time in university.

Subsequently she was employed by Pamukbank, the first private bank in Turkey, as a Customer Representative starting 1999. Aslı was promoted to Individual Marketing manager soon after. She also qualified to receive the Basic Level Certificate for the Capital Markets Board of Turkey.

Aslı continued in the banking sector until 2006 after which she occupied first the post of Financial Controller and after Administrative Affairs Coordinator in Turkey’s biggest post production company.

She joined Norden Travel services in 2015 and is currently a Member of Executive Committee as the Chief of Business Operations of Detur Group


Yigit Tezel MEC

Chief Marketing Officer

Yiğit Tezel graduated from Södertörn University of Stockholm with a degree in Business Administration. He has been living in Sweden since 1998.

He has worked as Assistant Managing Director for Bentour International AB followed by several years as a Tax Officer in Skattaverket, the Swedish tax Office. After a short period working for Nazar Nordic AB he has joined Norden Travel Services AB in 2008 and currently holds the position of Chief Marketing Officer at Detur Group as well as being a Member of the Executive Committee


Atila Bayman MEC

Chief Product Officer

Atila Bayman graduated with a degree in Econometrics from Dokuz Eylül University (Izmir) in 2002. He qualified for the license of Capital Markets Boards of Turkey and started his career as a business analyst at the Scandinavian tour operator, MNG Group.

Following that he continued his professional life at the telecommunications company PTT Minex GmbH, where he finally occupied the post of CEO.

In 2011 he started at Norden Travel Services AB as Business Development Director. Currently he is the Chief Product Officer and Member of the Executive Committee of Detur Group.

Erdinc KARLI

Erdinc Karli MEC

Chief Financial Officer

Erdinç Karlı has a degree in Business Management from Marmara University. With a solid base in finance, he began in travel business in Tursem, a major player in Tour Operator business in Scandinavia, UK and Germany, selling tour packages for destinations in Turkey, Greece, Tunisa, Egypy, Morocco, Canary Islands, and Thailand, in the 90s.

He continued his business life as CFO in different countries and business areas, such as Manufacturing, FMCG and Pharmaceuticals sectors. He returned to travel industry in 2021 as a Member of the Executive Committee and the Chief Financial Officer of Detur Group