About Us

Detur was founded in Finland in 1998 and is today found throughout the Nordic region with operations from Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland.

The first flights went from Finland to Turkey in the spring of 1998 and later the same year, holiday trips were arranged to Sousse and Monastir in Tunisia. Production later expanded to Egypt, Thailand, Crete, the United Arab Emirates and India. This year, we are bringing holidaymakers to the south coast of Turkey and the Greek islands of Crete and Rhodes. Detur was one of the first tour operators to understand and recognize the importance for the customer experience to be able to travel from their local airport to shorten travel time, reduce the cost of hotel accommodation and connecting transports to major airports and have therefore invested in operations from regional airports throughout the Nordic countries.

Since October 2020, the ownership and management of Detur has been taken over by Nordcotours AB, forming a new group of companies for packaged tours. The corporate group's base has been established in Stockholm to be a strong Nordic company with Nordic legislation, rules and business culture. With the new and strengthened resources, Detur will be even better equipped to continue its journey towards being the best alternative for holidays of high quality and standard. Detur will now expand to the Dutch and UK markets.

Detur wellcoming guests at the airport
Detur transfers the guests

Our Mission

Detur's mission is to offer affordable travel with a high level of service and quality with the customer experience in focus. We offer a wide range of hotels and apartments at different levels and classifications to be able to offer an alternative that suits requirements and expectations of the traveller. Our sales staff have broad and deep knowledge of all our destinations and hotels in order to guide our customers to the option that suits them the best. We have tour guides at all destinations to ensure that our travellers get the most out of their holiday. Over the years, we have also paid great attention and a lot of time to quality assure our holiday offers, mainly by listening to our customers' wishes and following up and taking actions to the answers from our evaluation forms.

Our Brands